Paddle in comfort!   This heritage designed seat back, made with the same quality as the canoe seats, makes paddling a pleasure.  Folding for easy transport, it can be installed and removed without any tools.  The bottom half fits over the existing seat.  The back is woven nylon cord allowing for great ventilation as well as a comfortable ride.  

Price:  $115 plus actual shipping


Additional Canoe Seating

Do you need additional seating for family or friends?  These foldable chairs sit on the bottom of the canoe.  With a low center of gravity, the impact of passenger movement is limited.  Woven nylon cord provides a comfortable seat.  The child seat is 12" wide and 14" deep.

Price:  Oak-$125; Walnut-$130; Cherry-$135 plus actual shipping.

The adult seat is 16" wide and 15" deep.

Price:  Oak-$135; Walnut-$140; Cherry-$145 plus actual shipping.

20140425_103858 (161x200).jpg

Canoe Shelf

Enjoy lunch while paddling or perhaps have a spot to rest your book or binoculars.  Our "across the canoe' table has a hardwood frame with handwoven cherry wood strips.  Clipping to the canoe sides, it fits all our models.  

Price:  $110 plus actual shipping

Beach and deck Chairs

Here is comfortable seating at two levels.  These hardwood framed, "furniture quality construction" chairs have dense nylon webbing that is durable and cool.  The chairs come apart to two pieces for easy transport.

The beach chair sits lower.

Price:  Oak-$185; Walnut-$195; Cherry-$205 plus actual shipping.

The deck chair sits higher.

Price:  Oak-$245; Walnut-$255; Cherry-$265 plus actual shipping.