Handcrafted Canoes

Navarro Canoe Co., located in Rock Island, IL., is carrying on the timeless tradition of handcrafting canoes that offer the finest in beauty and performance.  Each canoe is unique and made to order with a kevlar, fiberglass or a combination of fiberglass and kevlar hull.  The beautiful hardwoods used for the ribs and outer structures add rigidity and distinctiveness to the look of the canoe.  Canoes can be ordered in a variety of styles and colors to be shipped within the continental United States. Our canoes are functional works of art that can be passed on through generations.  

Truly beautiful canoe. It’s like paddling fine cabinetry with the extra element of great performance in a variety of water and wind conditions.
— Mark, a Navarro owner

The Otter

The Affinity

The Triumph