Length:  16'    Width:  35"    Capacity:  900 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-63 lbs.;  Kevlar-56 lbs.

                            Hybrid*-56 lbs.

Length:  17'    Width:  35"    Capacity:  1000 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-66 lbs;  Kevlar-59 lbs.

                           Hybrid*-59 lbs.

*Hybrid:  Combination of fiberglass and kevlar

Navarro Loon-Touring and Expedition

The Navarro Loon, designed by Bob Foote, is the perfect canoe for day outings or wilderness trips.  Easy to paddle on a leisurely afternoon, it can also handle an extended trip with plenty of room.  Adding a center yoke seat makes it an ideal family canoe.  Loons have a shallow V-hull to reduce drag compared to full-keel boats, tracking in a straighter line than rounded bottom designs.  The 16' Loon has a light rocker to improve maneuverability and slightly flared sides to lessen spray.  The 17' has a straight keel and straight sides.  

               Fiberglass    Kevlar    Hybrid*

Loon 16    $2650    $3350    $3100

Loon 17     $2750   $3450    $3200

Shipping based on actual charges plus $65 for packaging.

Available colors:  burgundy, red, white, or blue