Length:  14'6"    Width:  34.5"    Capacity:  500 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-58 lbs.;    Kevlar-51 lbs.;

                                  Hybrid*-51 lbs.

Length:  16'        Width:  36"      Capacity:  675 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-65 lbs.;    Kevlar-61 lbs.;

                                 Hybrid*-61 lbs.

*Hybrid:  Combination of fiberglass and kevlar


Navarro Otter -Recreational Touring 

The Navarro Otter can be handcrafted as a 14' or a 16' canoe with the same classic lines as the Navarro Legacy. The efficient length to width ratio offers great leg room and ease in paddling for long trips. In Kevlar, these models are quite light weight..

Navarro Otters have re-curved ends and straight full keels. The 14' Otter has tumblehome sides providing for easier solo paddling, while the 16' has straight sides. The Otter provides great stability for active paddlers or young passengers.  They are excellent entry-level canoes and are ideal for solo or tandem paddling. 

                      Fiberglass    Kevlar   Hybrid*

Otter 14          $2550     $3250     $3000

Otter 16          $2650     $3350     $3100

Shipping is based on actual charges plus $65 for packaging.

Available colors:  burgundy, red, white, or blue