Length:   16'    Width:  35"    Capacity:  800 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-63 lbs.;    Kevlar- 55 lbs.;

                                Hybrid*-55 lbs.

Length:   17'    Width:  35"    Capacity:  800 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-63 lbs.;    Kevlar-56 lbs.

                                 Hybrid*-56 lbs.  

*Hybrid:  Combination of fiberglass and kevlar

Navarro Pursuit - Touring and Performance

The Navarro Pursuit is very similar to the Loon in hull design, but with a significantly lower profile for exceptional performance even in windy conditions. The straight sides of the 17' Pursuit offer efficient long-distance paddling. The sides of the 16' Pursuit are slightly flared which lends increased stability. The Pursuit is the choice of a wide range of paddlers who enjoy traveling long distances with very little effort.

                      Fiberglass  Kevlar   Hybrid*

Pursuit 16        $2650       $3350  $3100

Pursuit 17        $2750       $3450   $3200

Shipping based on actual charges plus $65 for packaging.

Available colors:  burgundy, red, white, or blue