Length:  13'   Width:  28.5"  Capacity:  430 lbs.

Weight:  Fiberglass-46 lbs;      Kevlar-43 lbs.

                                  Hybrid*-43 lbs.

*Hybrid:  Combination of fiberglass and kevlar

Navarro Triumph -Solo, Recreational

The beauty of a Navarro canoe is available for the solo paddler.  The Triumph, with a three inch rocker, is great for maneuverability on twisting rivers. It features a slightly rounded bottom with a keel to offer stability for the solo paddler.  It is still a speedy little boat with a smooth hull, agility, and sporty look.  Its responsiveness makes it a fun recreational choice.

The Triumph is easy to get in and out of and allows for great storage. Our custom fiberglass/kevlar weave produces a rigid hull that protects the cherry ribs if used in rocky conditions.  


                  Fiberglass    Kevlar  Hybrid*

                  $2550        $3250   $3000

Shipping based on actual cost plus $65 for packaging.

Available colors:  burgundy, red, white, or blue