Handcrafted Canoes


Navarro Canoe Co. handcrafts canoes that offer the finest in beauty and performance.  Each made to order canoe is crafted with a kevlar, fiberglass or a combination of fiberglass and kevlar hull.  Hardwoods are used for the ribs and outer structures to add rigidity and distinctiveness.  Canoes can be ordered in a variety of styles and colors to be shipped within the continental United States. Our canoes are functional works of art that can be passed on through generations.  



“Truly beautiful canoe. It’s like paddling fine cabinetry with the extra element of great performance in a variety of water and wind conditions.”

Mark, a Navarro canoe owner


The Navarro Story

Navarro Canoe Co. began in California when Vernon Pew, like his grandfather, L. H. Beach,  combined wooden ribs and composite hulls making canoes with strength and rigidity but without excessive weight.  Touring designs of professional paddler Bob Foote were also incorporated to handcraft each limited edition canoe.

 Now in Illinois, Navarro Canoe Co. handcrafts a variety of models for all paddling needs.  Our timeless craftsmanship for today's canoe creates a beautiful piece that performs with excellence.  


How to Order a Navarro Canoe

We handcraft six different canoe models, tailored to specific interests of the canoeing community.  Several of the canoe models are available in two lengths.

We offer four standard colors, but additional colors can be custom ordered.   We can also discuss other ways we might be able to personalize your order. We generally have a few canoes in stock, but if you prefer to order,  build time can range from 4-6 weeks.  All canoes can be shipped within the United States. By choosing Navarro, you will know the builder of your canoe.

Please use the contact form to let us know what model, hull material, and color you desire.