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  Commonly asked questions:

  1. How do I care for my canoe?
    We recommend using teak oil on the upper wooden structures once each season, being careful to wipe up any spills
    before they harden. A good marine wax with UV protectant is helpful for the hull of the canoe.

2. How can I tell what my canoe is made of or how old it is?
There is no easy way to tell the hull composition of your canoe. You might weight it and check it against our stats.
If you were able to see under the gunnels, you might see yellow cloth which would indicate kevlar. The last two digits
on the hull identification number indicate the year your canoe was handcrafted.

3. What parts can be ordered for canoe repairs?
While we do repairs in our shop, most of the wooden parts are also available for purchase. Each gunnel is best shipped in
two or three pieces as it becomes very costly to ship a full sized gunnel. Seats, seat backs, yokes, thwarts and decks are
available. Rib pieces and decals can also be ordered.

4. How can I restore the gel coat on my canoe?
Lost luster can often be restored by using a polishing compound. Choose one based on the extent of the oxidation.
Gouges can be filled with new gel. Matching the color can be difficult if the canoe is older, so an alternative is to use a
clear gel coat.

5. How do I repair checking on the ribs of the canoe?
Repair checking with a new coat of epoxy. If a rib is cracked, epoxy in a light layer of fiberglass.

6. What is the value of my canoe?
If you have enjoyed using it, it is probably invaluable! If you are trying to sell it, the condition and your individual market
will be determining factors. Check or selling sites in your area for some ideas. Remember to include
shipping cost or suggest local pickup.