Handcrafted for Beauty and Performance

Each handcrafted canoe is unique. We offer six models in fiberglass, kevlar, or a combination of the two materials. Several models are available in two different lengths. All models are available in four custom colors, but other colors can be special ordered. All canoes can be shipped within the United States. We have a few models stocked at all times, but are also happy to work with you to build a new, custom canoe. By choosing Navarro Canoe Co., you will know the builder of your canoe.  Click on any model below to see more information.

If you would like to order a canoe, visit the contact us page to get in touch. Tell us what model, hull material, and color you desire, or ask us a question, and we will get back to you.



The Loon

Touring, Expedition

16 or 17 ft.; 900-1000 lb. capacity


The Affinity


15'7";  700 lb. capacity            


The Pursuit

Touring, Performance

16 or 17 ft.; 800 lb. capacity



The Legacy


13 ft.; 600 lb. capacity


The Triumph

Solo,  Recreational

13 ft.; 420-430 lb. capacity


The Otter

Recreational, Touring

14 or 16 ft; 500-675 lb. capacity